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Reminder: Register your Pier by April 2011

As you may know, in 2004 the Wisconsin legislature established size restrictions for piers to be exempt from permitting.  In 2008, the criteria for exempt piers was expanded.  Presently your pier is exempt and does not need to be registered if:

  • Width – Maximum 6 feet wide for the pier.
  • Length – The length needed to moor your boat, use a boat lift, or to reach a 3-foot water depth, which ever is greater
  • Location – Does not interfere with the rights of other riparian owners
  • Number of Boats – 2 for the first 50 feet of frontage, 1 for every additional full 50 feet.

Most piers that are not exempt are eligible to be grandfathered through a onetime free registration process. To be eligible for registration piers must:

  • Have been placed before Feb. 6th, 2004.
  • Have a main stem that is a maximum 8 feet wide.
  • Have a loading platform at the end of the pier that is a maximum of 200 square feet or a maximum of 300 square feet if it’s 10 feet wide or less
  • Not interfere with the rights of other riparian owners.

To ensure your pier is not in violation of law, be sure to register by April 1, 2011.

For more detailed information please visit:

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