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What is a Home Inspection?

Home InspectionA Home Inspection is an analysis of your home’s safety, and mechanical and structural systems resulting in a written report. The report generated from this home inspection provides you with specific information regarding the condition of the home with recommendations or requirements for safety and improvement.

When contracting a Home Inspector the following systems are typically examined:
Well, septic systems and water quality
Ventilation Systems- Since ventilation and insulation impact moisture and condensation levels in your home, as well as roof life
Walls, ceilings and floors
Heating and Cooling Systems- Age, condition and safety of these systems are assessed
Structural Assessment- foundations, crawl spaces, block and poured basement areas are examined
Electrical- wiring is assessed and undersized wiring and services are revealed
Plumbing- adequate drainage, water flow and pressure are determined
Roof and Siding- Age, layers, and quality of installation is assessed
Building Exterior and Outbuildings
Windows, gutters and downspouts

A Quality Inspection will be committed to determining;
a. If everything is operational
b. How much longer the system will continue to operate efficiently, effectively
c. If the home is safe
d. If systems are installed in a professional manner
e. If there are deficiencies or operational signs of potential failure
f. And if components should be repaired or replaced to prevent larger expenses in the future
At McKinney Realty, LLC, we recommend a Home Inspection before purchasing an existing home. Following your inspection, a Home Inspection Report will provide you with a list of concerns regarding your property. Becoming aware of any issues such as well or septic problems, gives you the opportunity to have any defects rectified before the final purchase of your property.

We also recommend a Home pre-inspection before you list your home for sale. Following your pre-inspection, a Home Inspection Report will make you aware of any issues regarding your property, such as well or septic problems. This gives you the opportunity to fix any defects before a buyer is involved, and thereby expediting the sale of your home. A home inspection also helps us to realistically assess the value of your home, provide well-informed disclosures, and to alleviate any ‘surprises’ on your end before closing a property. A home inspection creates a marketing edge which may offer a prospective buyer peace of mind, resulting in selling your property at its best price.

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