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What is a Home Protection Plan?

home by vichaya Kiatying AngsuleeA Home Protection Plan is a home warranty service often purchased by home buyers at the time of closing on their new property.  A Home Protection Plan provides budget protection against those unpredictable, expensive repairs or replacements of appliances and mechanical systems which may occur after purchase.  This may include heating, septic, well or air-conditioning systems.

A warranty may also be purchased by a seller at the time of listing their property.  This plan provides protection against expensive repairs and system replacements during the listing period. This warranty can also add value to the property as it is marketed.

Sometimes a buyer requests the seller to pay for this coverage as a condition of the sale, but either party can pay for the warranty.

McKinney Realty, LLC is the exclusive real estate office in their marketing area who offers a Home Protection Plan to buyers and sellers.


Image by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

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