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‘Rustic Up’ Your Kitchen

Dramatic Rustic Wood Planks by Sira AnamwongWant to make a change to your kitchen, not spend a lot of money, and still create a rustic fresh look?  Here are some ideas to bring a quaint, country feel to the space where you and your family spend most of your time.

Incorporate a farm table.  Find one at an antique store or ask your old aunt for the one gathering dust in her garage.  A little TLC can go a long way in making that heirloom the focal part of your new rustic kitchen.  It will become the place to visit with family and friends, for the kids to complete their homework, or to play Saturday afternoon games.  Maybe Aunt Clara has some old ladder back chairs that can be re-covered in bright textiles to make your rustic kitchen cozier than ever!

Try Copper… yes, copper is back.  Try adding a copper tea kettle to the top of your stove, or a small hammered copper utensil holder by the kitchen sink.  Accessorizing with functional, yet beautiful things, can set the stage for the style you want to create. Update your hardware on cabinetry with a shiny patina look.

Do your old cabinets need an update?  Pickling and whitewashing have a place in ‘rustic.’  This brings out a brightness and freshness that older pine, maple woods and oak have lost over time, yet still accentuates the character and grains of the wood.  You can ‘pickle’ or ‘whitewash’ yourself.  See an expert at your local hardware paint department for advice.

I’ve always dreamed of having a stone wall in my kitchen… brick, ledge stone, or field stone can bring warmth and a sense of history to a kitchen.  DepBrick Wall by artur84ending on your cabinetry and flooring, stonework can create a rustic but still contemporary look.  It could be installed easily, especially if selecting a style of the many manufactured stones available. Or check out the amazing ‘brick’ wallpapers now in hues of the 2015 Color of the Year … Marsala as announced by

Try finding places to feature reclaimed wood such as ceiling beams, wainscoting, island surrounds, and open shelving.  Consider re-covering the base of a center island or fashioning a bookcase to display your cook books with reclaimed wood.  Both could be functional and fabulous!

Though cooks need bright light for preparing meals over counter tops and stoves, think about creating a rustic mood while dining at your farm table or at the center island.  Install lighting overhead in the form of rustic pendants, a metal chandelier with some patina, or even black wrought iron on a dimmer switch for the coziest of atmospheres during dinner.

With your new rustic-style kitchen in place, plan a country style dinner for family and/or friends.

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Images:  Dramatic Rustic Wood Planks by Sira Anamwong and Brick Wall by artur84 from

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