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How to Find the Perfect Vacation Home in Northwestern Wisconsin

Thinking of buying a vacation home in Northwestern Wisconsin? charming lakeside vacation homeWith the economy and the housing market on the rise, vacation home real estate is also on the rise, and Northwestern Wisconsin is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a lakefront home ideal for fishing, boating, or watersports, a home situated near trails ideal for skiing, mountain biking, running, or snowshoeing, or merely the perfect year-round outdoor wilderness retreat, you’ll find just what you seek in the beautiful communities of Cable and Hayward, WI.

Here’s how to find the right vacation home to make your dream vacation in Northwestern Wisconsin come true.

Find the Perfect Location

Why are you buying a vacation home? What will be your primary uses and activities? If you’re an avid angler, you might want to consider homes situated close to some of the area’s top fishing lakes. A boater? Try one of the larger lakes. A biker or hiker? Head for the trails! Situate your home close to the activities you most enjoy.

Consider Necessities

Though you want your vacation home to offer easy access to the activities that have brought you to the area lakeside log cabinin the first place, you’ll also want to remember that because you’re buying, you might be staying in the home for longer periods or visiting more frequently—which means you might want to be a bit closer to shopping, dining, businesses, and other services and amenities. You’ll also want to consider the accessibility of your location. Will you visit as often as you’d like if the home is difficult or takes too long to reach?

Rent Before You Buy

Once you’ve found the perfect location (or what you believe will be the perfect location), take the area for a trial run. Rent a home in the neighborhood, visit in different seasons, stay for longer periods of time. Test out the convenience of amenities and roads, make sure you don’t feel too remote or lonely on longer stays, and ensure that you really will visit in every season.

Establish a Budget & Determine Your Price Point

Carefully establish a budget to track your monthly spending. From there, evaluate what you can COMFORTABLY afford to spend per month on a home—then go lower. Remember, the price of the home won’t be your only cost; you’ll also have to incorporate additional expenses like homeowners insurance, property taxes, maintenance, utilities, possible HOA fees, and more.

Start Shopping for Vacation Homes in Northwestern Wisconsin

Once you’ve got your location zeroed in and you’ve established a price point range, it’s time to find thathome for sale vacation home—and buy it! Consider things like the size of the home (who will be staying in the house? Will you have visitors?), the style (do you want a single-family home? A townhome or condo? A cabin or bungalow?), the size of the yard (how much space will you need around your home for privacy or enjoyment?), and the amenities (will you be searching for things like a private dock, direct trail access, waterfront or water views, and more?) to determine what homes might best suit your needs. Then, use an advanced search tool to start exploring homes!

Come Discover Your Dream Vacation in Northwestern Wisconsin

It’s time to discover the great outdoors! Time to hike, bike, and run. To paddle and boat. To fish, to ski and snowshoe, to hunt, to traverse rugged and unexplored terrain. Come discover Cable, WI. Find your home here. And contact McKinney Realty today to learn more.

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