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Essential Tips for Buying a Waterfront Vacation Home in Northwestern Wisconsin

Northwestern Wisconsin is a land of lakes, a popular vacation destination for boaters, skiers, paddlers, and anglers alike. And there’s no easier, better way to enjoy the wealth of beautiful lakes throughout the area than with a waterfront vacation home. Here’s what you need to know before you buy a waterfront home.

Northwestern WI Waterfront Homes for Sale

Tips for Buying Waterfront in Northwestern Wisconsin

  • charming lakeside cabinConsider the property, then the house. When it comes down to it, you can change the home, but you’re stuck with the land you buy. Pay close attention to how accessible the shoreline is, how private or exposed the house is, and how usable the shoreline will be.
  • Consider what you want in a waterfront. Are you looking for a great lake for boating and water sports? Make sure you’re not on a Quiet Lake, which is much better suited for anglers and paddlers. Want a quiet place to fish or explore the shoreline by kayak? A large and popular lake like Namekagon or the Eau Claire lakes might not be your best bet. Make sure you investigate things like tidal changes and depths (if you’re a boater), engine restrictions, or whether or not there’s a good place to launch and store boats or swim from the shoreline.
  • Consider what you can do to the property. Are there community or area restrictions on building a dock or adding a boat lift? Do thinning restrictions prevent you from cutting down trees to improve yourLake house with pier and woods with sunrise in the morningview? Will you be unable to add to your home if you so desire?
  • Consider the utilities. Because many of the areas surrounding the lakes of Northwestern WI are more rural, you’ll want to be sure that you have adequate systems to meet your needs, whether that’s electricity and water or cable and internet.

Pros of Waterfront Living

These go without saying! Enjoying instant access to the water is a huge perk for many vacationers. Being able to step out your back door and into your boat is definitely preferable to driving to the nearest ramp, launching your boat, then trailering it again after use. Additional perks include being able to see who’s on the lake (a preference held by many water skiers or anglers who prefer flat water), and what the water conditions themselves are like. And of course, there’s always the benefit of phenomenal views!

Cons of Buying Waterfront

With the amazing benefits of buying a home on the water, there are, of course, a few setbacks as well. For one,fishing at sunrisehomes along the water do tend to suffer a bit more abuse from the weather, and depending on your proximity to the waterfront and the home’s elevation above the lake, could even suffer from flood hazards. Because of this, you may be required to do more and spend more on your maintenance, and insurance can be more costly.

The Best Lakes for Buying Waterfront in Northwestern WI

The best place to buy a home really depends on what you’re looking for. Skiers, boaters, and jet skiers tend to prefer the larger lakes, like Namekagon, the Chippewa Flowage, or Lake Owen, though they do offer plenty of trophy catches, too. Anglers, kayakers, canoes, and those seeking waterfront tranquility often prefer the Quiet Lakes.

If you’re thinking of buying a waterfront home in Cable or Northwestern, WI, the first step is to contact an expert local realtor. Here at McKinney Realty, we know the area backwards and forwards, and we’re here to help you find the perfect lake and the perfect home. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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