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Beat the Cold-Weather Blues with a Winter Vacation Home in Cable, WI

buying a winter vacation home in cableCome snow, ice, and winter cold, weary workers and city sloggers start to dream of white-sand beaches and swaying palms beneath the perpetually sunny skies of Florida… but not you. You’re a true outdoor adventurer, a lover of the rugged beauty of true wilderness… and you’ve got somewhere else on your mind, far from the crowded beaches of the south.

The place you’re dreaming of is Cable, WI, a dream destination for the bold, the daring, the adventurous, and only the truest outdoorsmen.

Cable is the Perfect Place for a Winter Vacation Home

Many buyers purchase second homes with a plan to use or rent the home during the popular tourist season of their area and accept the accompanying “dead” season. For winter home buyers in places like Florida, odds are, they’re not going to be very inclined to pay their vacation home a visit during the sweaty summer months.

Cable is Popular in Every Season

snowshoeing in cable wiThe great thing about Cable is that it’s an amazing, and popular, destination in every season. From the water sports of the summer months to the breathtaking foliage of fall to the snowy sports of winter to the beautiful blooms of spring, there really is a season for every outdoor activity. Forget paying your vacation home one visit… you’ll be back here multiple times a year.

There’s No Rental Off-Season in Cable!

Even if you’re purely a single-season vacationer, you’ll find that Cable’s lack of dead season means there are always renters seeking a vacation cabin in the area. You’re a lot more likely to get steady income from rentals in Cable than in Florida.

Here’s Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Winter Vacation Home in Cable

Ok, you’re sold. But… why buy now? Isn’t winter supposed to be a real estate dead season? Here’s why winter is actually a great time for buying a vacation home.

1. There’s less competition.

Overall, the real estate market tends to quiet during the winter season, which means there are typically fewer buyers out there winter vacation destinationlooking. Good news for you: you’ll have less competition for your dream vacation home!

2. You may get a better deal.

Sellers know the market is a little quieter, which means they’re more willing to be flexible on negotiation terms. You may get a better price, or walk away with other perks, like paid-for repairs or upgrades.

3. Mortgage rates are still low.

They’re as low now as they’re going to be for a while, with fairly substantial increases predicted over the coming months and year. Take advantage now!

4. Realtors and lenders are less busy.

personalized attention from your realtorDuring the busy summer months, your agent will likely be quite busy working with numerous buyers and sellers. But during the quieter months, you’ll find that your Realtor has more time to devote personalized attention to you. The same goes for lenders—plus, the mortgage approval process might even be a bit speedier.

5. You get to see how the house holds up in the winter.

No need to take sellers at their word that the heat works well or the roof will stand up to snow. Experience it first hand, and even get some useful insider details like how well the roads in certain areas are plowed or maintained in winter.

6. You get to enjoy your vacation home right away!

Bring your skis or snowshoes for the closing. Get ready to cheer on the competitors of the Birkenstock. Gas up your snowmobile. Winter season is arguably Cable’s best!

Thinking of Buying a Winter Vacation Home in Cable?

If you’re considering buying a vacation home or winter home in Cable, then it’s time to contact McKinney Realty. As your lifestyle and real estate guides to Northwestern Wisconsin, we’re here to help you explore the area, discover the perfect community, and find your dream vacation home.

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